Hey! Thanks for checking out the website and coming through to my debut EP's Crowd-fund. The video above was shot by a friend of mine (parrotfilms.co) in California last year for a song that'd recently been released at the time. I was there for a few weeks (pre-Covid), and around this time I'd started thinking of how I could make a debut EP as an independent artist, which is where the idea to crowd-fund it began...

To all those who stream/buy/download my music, thank you so much! It means the world to have people out there appreciating my music and I'm beyond stoked to have you on the journey with me.

I'm using this space to start something I hope to do each time I record a new album or EP. The dream is to have a place where people can get involved beyond the level of a casual fan, and help to bring the project to life. Over the last few months I've taken the time to finish writing songs on my debut EP and prepare for the recording process which starts November 30th. A friend of mine (artist & producer Billy Otto) is producing it, and we'll be recording at his studio in Byron Bay the first week of December. 

I plan to keep this page up indefinitely as a footnote to the journey, but the Crowd-funding aspect will only be around for the next 30 days until December 16th. Check it out and thanks so much for having a read!!

TOTAL RAISED: $1870.80

Thank-you to everyone who contributed!

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Open Tier

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This is for people who just want to support the project because they're hype that Ben is finally releasing an EP! Use the 'Contact' form to let Ben know of any requests you have as a thank-you.

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When will the EP be released?

> The first single will be out in mid 2022, with the full EP expected by September.

Can I get the EP earlier than it's official release date?

> Absolutely! The 2nd tier and below include a digital copy (320 kbps MP3's) of the EP sent via email 2 weeks before the official release date.

 Can I share this page with friends who might love your music?

> Definitely, here's a link; https://benedgarmusic.com/crowd-fund